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View Armoured Combat Tournament 2008 A piece describing armoured combat training on weekends at AEMMA
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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA)
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

 AEMMA Guelph is now accepting
 new students.

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 training today! Note: new location ==>
 Ottawa Crescent Public School

--- December 04, 2015 
 "Martial arts from days of yore"
 Guelph Tribune, Feb 6, 2009click to view entire article
The Guelph Chapter made its premier appearance in the Guelph Tribune, presenting the Chapter as a martial arts training school, employing techniques documented in the early 15th century. Click image to view complete article online.
--- February 7, 2009  
 Guelph Challenges Toronto!
 Saturday, Jan 17, 2009. Toronto salle d'armes
Fencers of the Guelph Chapter challenge the pleebs of AEMMA Toronto to a day of fighting bouts, all weapons including dagger, sword and spear. Witness how we will "kick their collective arses"!
--- December 1, 2008  
 AEMMA Unarmoured Tournament 2007
A fantastic DVD which captures the many fencing bouts of the unarmoured tournament October 2007, with special effects highlights is availabe from AEMMA. Contact for details on obtaining your very
 own copy of this worthwhile DVD set!
--- December 8, 2008